Lighting Manufacturers

A wide selection of quality, energy-efficient, and fast-selling LED, Fluorescent, and HID lighting products, with a focus on LED wall lights, flood lights, area lights, indoor LED high bays and wet location fixtures, ballasts, poles, and mounting hardware.

LED accent lighting including: tape lights, rope lights, under cabinet lights, step lights & puck lights. RGB wall washer floods & LED tape.Architectural LED trim kits. String lights and decorative LED lamps.

Compact and linear fluorescent, HID, LED, incandescent, halogen, and miniature lamps

Fluorescent and HID ballasts, Exit/Emergency lighting, induction lighting, LED retrofits, drivers and lamps

Recessed, surface, strip, and wrap fluorescents, LED fixtures

LED and fluorescent portable fixtures, hanging fixtures, battery operated, handheld, and specialty lighitng

Fluorescent, HID, halogen, incandescent, LED lamps all safety-coated

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