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High Bay Retrofit Kit by Fulham

Fulham’s new Highbay LED Retrofit Kit is an energy-efficient, field-installable replacement for HID highbay applications. The retrofit kit is composed of a WorkHorse LED programmable driver, ThoroLED constant current round module, lens, mounting collar,  heat sink, and driver housing. The system fits common 822/825 and S22 acrylic refractors and is compatible with daylight harvesting controls, occupancy sensors, and building automation for even greater energy savings


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High Bay LED Retrofit Kit
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HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System by Fulham

The revolutionary HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System combines the functions of a dimmable, programmable LED driver, emergency LED driver, and replaceable backup battery in a single compact unit. Under normal conditions this all-in-one solution operates as a 40W constant current driver; during a power outage the integrated battery automatically activates, providing 5W of power for 180 minutes or 10W for 90 minutes. Benefits include lower costs, simplified installation, and the ability to bring emergency LED capability to smaller luminaires.


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Specification Sheet:

HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System


HotSpot Plus LED Driver & Emergency System Brochure
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AC LED Light Engines by Fulham

ThoroLED AC LED Light Engines provide a cost-efficient, reliable solution for wall sconces and common ceiling fixtures. These innovative engines elimainate the need for an LED driver, creating a lower profile and simplifying installation. Available in various power levels from 10-34W, with optional TRIAC dimming, a range of color temperatures and CRI up to 90. RoHS complaint, cURus recognized. cULus Retrofit Kits are also available.


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Specification Sheets:

TAT120010AX8XX / TJT120010AC8XX

TAT120015AC8XX / TJT120015AC8XX

TAT120025AC8XX / TJT120025AC8XX


AC LED Light Engines Brochure
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DC LED Light Engines & Field-Installable Retrofit Kits by Fulham

The simple, field-installable solution for converting exsisting luminaires to LED. ThoroLED retrofit kits are available in round, half-round, or rectangular configurations to fit most standard fixtures. cULus classified kits, 0-10V and TRIAC dimmable models, and a wide variety of color temperature options.


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Ceiling-Mounted Retrofit Kits


Wall-Mounted Retrofit Kits


DC LED Light Engines & Retrofit Kits
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Programmable Constant Current LED Drivers by Fulham

LED programmable drivers replace over 1600 fixed output driver SKU's with DALI and 0-10V models that dim to 1% programmed current. Programmable attributes include output current, dimming curve, and lowest dimming percentage, allowing the driver to match existing fixture outputs. Programming capibilities enabled via handheld controller or PC software.


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Programmable Constant Current LED Drivers
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Bore-Gard Trenchless Raceway

Bore-Gard® is designed and proven to meet the rigorous requirements of horizontal directional drilling for electrical and datacom applications.


  • Easy to handle 10 and 20 foot lengths
  • For bores up to 1000 feet
  • Fast easy assembly
  • Strong water-tight joints without cement
  • Fits standard rigid nonmetallic conduit fittings
  • All nonmetallic construction
  • Superior crush and stiffness over HDPE
  • Eliminates the need for chains and backing plate installation
  • Type: Schedule 40 – Heavy wall; Schedule 80 – Extra Heavy wall
  • Sizes: Schedule 40 – 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, & 8″  Schedule 80 – 2″, 3″, & 4″


Bore-Gard Trenchless Raceway Catalog
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Bore-Gard Catalog
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Boreable Multigard
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ProLight 30W Folding Work Light by Pro-Built

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual Light Panels
  • 3 Modes
  • Tripod Adaptable
  • IP 65 Rated
  • Rechargable
  • Not Hot Surfaces
  • No Bulbs to Change
  • Durable with a long lamp life
ProLight Folding Work Light
ProLight 30W Folding Work Light - US.pdf
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LED String Lights by Pro-Built

LED string lights available in 50ft and 100ft lengths. Available with a protective plastic cage or metal cage with bottom guard. Energy efficient with no heat output. Uses a durable LED 16W polycarbonate bulb. All string types can be purchased without bulbs.

LED String Lights
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40W Hang-A-Light LED Temporary Work Light by Pro-Built

The 40W Hang-A-Light LED Temporary Work Light provides the maximum in energy efficiency, while providing a large, bring white area of light. Fully UL approved, including independent bulb and lamp certification, to adhere to job site regulations.


  • 6 Foot integrated power cord - 14/2 STJW
  • Welded wire safety cage
  • Interlink up to 12 units together
  • Input voltage 90-305 VAC
40W Hang-A-Light LED Temporary Work Light
40W Hang-A-Light LED Sell Sheet.pdf
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